Beragam Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Tempat Umum

Beragam Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Tempat Umum


Banyak momen yang memungkinkan terjadinya komunikasi atau percakapan bahasa Inggris, termasuk di tempat umum. Terjadinya kontak berupa komunikasi antar dua orang atau lebih menggunakan bahasa Inggris merupakan cara terbaik dan terampuh untuk belajar bahasa Inggris.

Agar lebih memudahkan melakukan percakapan bahasa Inggris di tempat umum, kamu perlu mengetahui beberapa contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris berikut!

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Sekolah

Banyu; Hi, Adam. Can you accompany me to the teacher’s office? I have to hand this task over to Mr. Anton.

Adam; Oh sure! By the way have you also submitted your economics assignment?

Banyu; Yes I have.

Adam; Good job! Guess what else there will be homework?

Banyu; I don’t know, maybe Mathematics?

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Supermarket

Alana; Mom, I want to make a cupcake tonight. What’s the ingredient we need?

Mom; First, we have to buy flour and cocoa powder. And of course don’t forget to buy eggs and butter

Alana; Sure! And after that, let’s get some cheese and fruit to make the cupcake even more beautiful.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Kantor

Alisa; Good morning Mr. Doni. I have several proposals that you must sign.

Mr. Doni; Morning Alisa, just put the proposal on my desk, I’ll sign it later. Thank you.

Alisa; Okay, thank you Mr. Doni.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Restaurant

Waiters; Hello, what do you like to order?

Linka; Hi! I would like a potato salad and apple juice, please.

Waiters; Sure, would you like to custom with less ice and sugar for the juice?

Linka; Yes, please make it with less sugar. Thank you

Waiters; Noted! Thank you for your orders.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Stasiun

Rona; Excuse me Mam, has the train from Solo arrived?

Cashier; The train from Solo will arrive in about an hour.

Rona; Will it be on time? I have to go away for a while to pick up the things I left behind.

Cashier; The train will come on time. So if you want to go, better not more than an hour.

Beragam contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris di atas bisa membantumu belajar belajar bahasa Inggris secara lebih efektif dan fluent.